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Termite Control Price

RoomsArea (upto)Discounted RateFull Rate
1 Room Set50 Gaj1500/-1800/-
2 Room Set70 Gaj2000/-2500/-
3 Room Set100 Gaj3000/-3500/-
4 Room Set150 Gaj5000/-5500/-
We provide most competitive rates at Rs.4 per SqFt and a Huge Discount over that as well.

General Pest Control Price

Including Cockroach, Lizard, Rodent, Ant etc..
RoomsAreaSingle Service RateAnnual Package
1 Room Set50 Gaj1000/-2500/-
2 Room Set60 Gaj1200/-3000/-
3 Room Set100 Gaj1200/-3000/-
4 Room Set150 Gaj1400/-4000/-

Bed Bugs Control Noida Price​

Two Time Service included
RoomsDiscounted Rate
(Two Time Service)
Full Rate
(Two Time Service)
1 Room Set1500/-2000/-
2 Room Set2000/-2500/-
3 Room Set2500/-3000/-
4 Room Set4000/-5000/-

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Serching For Pest Control Noida and Pest Control Noida Extension

Are you looking forward to hiring a company for Pest Control In Noida? Do you really want to get the best pest control company in Noida that can eradicate all pests that are bothering you in your home or office? If yes, then your search ends here.

We are one of Noida best pest control service-provider. Through this site, you can easily book the right and perfect pest control or pest exterminator in Noida. We proudly offer services for the best pest control in Noida and nearby areas at affordable and genuine rates. Our range of services includes pest control services in Noida for termites, bedbugs, spiders, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, wasps, bees, etc. We are providing bed bug control services, cockroach control services and termite control services in Noida with a warranty. Residential pest control, commercial pest control, and herbal pest control can be hired through this portal in a very easy and hassle-free way. Let’s see how it works.

Best pest control Noida

Professional Pest Control Services in Noida

We take pride in offering a professional and efficient pest control service. With these services are carried out by experienced, friendly and helpful staff. Our prices are cost affordable and we offer a discount to OAP,s. We Service all pest problems from mice rats cockroaches fleas bedbugs to name a few, We offer services for residential and commercial properties all in Noida. We will provide same day service.

Your Search ends here for Pest Control Noida & Noida Extension

We will eliminate all types of pests or insects from your residential or commercial places using different types of pesticides and insecticides. To make sure it is safe for your house, we always use government-approved pesticides and insecticides to kill harmful or annoying insects and pests so that you always get a healthy and pest-free environment to live and work.

We are providing pest management service like anti termite treatment, termite control Noida & Noida Extension near you not only for residential buildings but also for commercial ones. You can hire the best services by calling us, based on your requirements like restaurant pest management, hospital pest control, herbal pest control, industrial pest control, commercial pest management, residential pest control, hotel pest control, and housekeeping services.

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We at No More Pest understand well that pests and insects are a real nuisance. They are not only irritating but also harmful and a great threat to health of family. They can bite and spread diseases which can cost even more. In addition, they can damage our properties, furniture. Rats and termites are some of the bigger destroyers of our properties. They may cause heavy loss. Pests like mosquitos, fleas, flies, and cockroaches are known for spreading many types of diseases. Therefore, it is important to hire professional pest control services in Noida & Noida Ext. in order to get rid of all types of pest-related problems and bothers. If you tried to serach for best pest control service in Noida & Noida Ext. and landed on our website, don’t wait and call us right now.

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